2014… getting married!

Potato harvest begins…

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Some mini plot visits over the hot weekend! My dried peas/weeds came out; bed got dug over and some ‘happy soil’ was added…. and chard and sprouts went in. Amazingly the faux veg seems ok! And to my surprise my potatoes have turned out an edible crop! I dug the first half of 3 beds of potatoes before I thought I might wilt from the heat!


I think I have improve my harvesting technique as I only speared 3… So far!

Faux veg!

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So we went to the garden centre last weekend, and they had the dregs of veggie plants… And they were on sale! I think it’s probably a bit late in the day to be putting things in…But we had space and they had veggies needing a home. So the weedy plants went in at the weekend, and the slugs found them very quickly! Needless to say our slugs are very fat now… And the plants look a bit smaller. But we shall see who makes it to the weekend! It’s a battle to the death!

Veggie plants:
Baby corn
Baby kale
Baby broccoli
Pack Choi
And an interesting aubergine!

Will update on faux veg. I would like something growing so I hope they survive!

I’m letting my sweet peas go to seed to save for next year… As they look a bit ratty…. So before long I will have two big empty beds! I have some green manure ready to get growing; so hopefully this will keep the weeds in order! And then hopefully some fruit bushes in the autumn.

Peas remains need to come out… to make way for the new leek and chard plants… Along with a few cheeky marigolds!

Amazingly some of the stocks I attempted to grow… Are flowering!
I will take some photos on a real camera at the weekend!

1st lots of potatoes need to come out this weekend and strawberry runners need capturing!

Tomatoes look great, but at the moment still very green.


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So we had a weekend of clearing out. We did a dump run with lots of smelly rotting weeds! Lovely!! And I purchased some waterproof crimson gardening gloves… At least I can’t misplace them!

So… my onions and garlic are no more. I think a combination of rust, neglect and weeds got the better of them; I now have two empty beds; which i am a bit sad about. So I have ordered some green manure seeds. And I am going to raid my sees box tonight. Hopefully we can get something simple in.

My sweet peas are still growing like mad, and I am cutting seeds pods to keep them flowering.

The highlight was probably setting up the hammock… In it’s sweet pea oasis!

Still so many weeds and such little time. This year has been a bit of a plot disaster as I just haven’t had enough time. Bit hopefully I can start planning and preparing for next year, and get a few late bits in…Whilst battling the giant slugs!

My tomatoes and potatoes are still ticking along πŸ™‚ I might dig some up this week whilst it is sunny!

Out of control…

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So the allotment might have got a little out of control! Some weeding is urgently required.

It’s actually at the point that you might not know we had paths. But nothing a speed weed won’t fix.

The sweet peas are still doing a great job and I picked a few before the weekend and shared with my neighbours.

Sweet peas are my biggest success at the plot this year! So hopefully I can develop on it next year.

The peas were less successful as they must have been ready when we were away on honeymoon. But I found this dried out pod… And another partly mouldy… One pea made it! So I will try again!

The greenhouse tomatoes have already hit the roof and have starting getting tomatoes going on… So cheese and chutney will be on the cards soon!

We went to the most beautiful wedding yesterday and my foot got caught in the cross fire on the dance floor. Think I might be out the digging game for a few days! But it gives me time to plot and plan πŸ™‚

Mrs green fingers!

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So we got married; which went a bit like this… The most perfect and happy day ever πŸ™‚


And my sweet peas were just ready! This is the photo my other half sent me… After he collected them from the plot the night b4 the wedding! (thank you Mr b x!)


And my mum arranged them into pretty pots on the day… Hopefully somebody took a photo as I didn’t!

We have been away for 2 weeks on honeymoon (which was amazing but also bliss)…but I did get to see how the java people grow veg :-). I rushed down the plot this morning. Which was kindly taken care of by some fellow plotters. And my sweet peas are well and truly in bloom!


Possibly my last miss allotment post…

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We popped down the plot… And here is the review. This might be my last post until I become a Mrs!


The sweet peas are on track… But I’m not sure we will have flowers ready for next weekend. But if the sun shines… You never know!


Strawberries are still cracking on nicely!


The peas are fattening up!


My greenhouse tomatoes seem happy and a bit more controlled than last years giants!


My outdoor tomatoes are making a nice steady progress. Might be a bit close together!! I have another 4 that are making similar progress.

And my potatoes are all pottering along. Along with the rusty onions and garlic.

And I think that is my lot! πŸ™‚

The first flower!

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Woooo! We have lift of with the first flowers!



And it was a pink and white… Raspberry ripple?! Feeling very proud of my sweet peas!