2014… getting married!

Hens and sunshine!

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So I had a lovely Saturday hen do with my girlies and lovely ladies,much relaxing, cake and flapper styling was had! Followed by an yummy, but very filling breakfast at breakfast club Soho. Which fueled me to the plot for a good few hours of much needed digging in the lovely sunshine!
The exciting plot update is; my first pea has appeared!


And my sweet peas look like they have tiny flower buds forming… One month to go little sweet peas! You can do it!!

Otherwise my strawberries are looking super this year. So I might cage them…hopefully Mr squirrel doesn’t scoff the lot again.

My potatoes and cracking on.

My onions and garlic have a nasty bug. Maybe rust? I need to do done research on how to treat it, but they don’t look happy at all.

I planted in my green flowers seedlings into the green house border, and my outdoor tomatoes!

And I need to get some late sunflowers in, so I can compete with miss Corben in our tallest sunflower competition!

Peas in all forms!

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Morning plotting all done!
Finally finished the mad sweet peas with bamboo castle!


I also untangled and pinned my peas up… Hard to know where one pea begins another ends.



I found half a brick…. Never ending rubble discovery!


My sweet peas are going strong, but I’m not sure they will be making flowers by this time next month. Fingers crossed!!


My potatoes are appearing.


And my strawberries are making some amazing fruit!

Exciting times! But also very rainy and muddy too!

Easter plotting! Potatoes in!!

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I got some good veggie compost dug in, and my 2 potato beds in at the end of last week. Although I still need another 2 more beds… Need to negotiate some chard removal pronto! Other than that lots of weeding.

I got my 4 tomato grow bags all set up and waiting for plants. My seedlings are going well in the flat. I’m growing; gardeners delight, rainbow plum and an outdoor variety too. Going to start toughening them up this week, with some day time balcony visits.

My flat grown flowers are doing ok, and they need toughening up too! so I might pop some in the greenhouse in the hope they might grow and flower faster…fingers crossed!

Speed weeding; a new sport!?

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So this weekend has been rather hectic with general life, so plot has taken a back seat.

But I got down the plot last night, and what a lovely evening! It was pretty dry, so I gave it a good drink!

I think I have lost some of my flower attempts to slugs.. Might be just as well as I need room for my potatoes!

The sweet peas are going stronger than I thought! But don’t seem to have the idea of climbing…. I always have this issue with climbing plants!? Any ideas welcome!

My peas are going well too… They seem nice and simple (at the moment)

I even got a speed weed in!!

I also found a delightful clump of stinging nettles by my water butt handle. My hand still hurts today!… They will be removed shortly!

I was planning to have this week off with to get life and the plot sorted… But a busy work schedule has got in the way. Bit sad as it is so sunny! I’m planning to work like an insane person and hopefully have last 3 days off this week. The allotment is my carrot!! And i need to get my potatoes in, and my early tomatoes out and set up… And I have onions that have not even made it in yet! So much to do! Fingers crossed! It is in need of tlc… But here are some photos weeds n all. X

Sweet peas!
Happy strawberries!

Holiday for seedlings!

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These chaps are all destined for mumma green fingers garden (aka my mum!)

Look forward to hopefully seeing some of them on my wedding day! Perhaps not the tomatoes!? Good luck little plants!


Weekend dig

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Got down the plot today and had a good 4 hours! Was not as lovely as last weekend, but at least no rain, and I got nice and toasty in the greenhouse doing my potting up.
The peas are cracking on, I think next week I will be re distributing them.


The sweet peas are looking a bit worse for ware. Clearly the slugs and snails have found them, but they are growing well. I had scrambled eggs just now… So I’m going to pop back in a bit with the shells. Although I might have to invest in a hedgehog friendly snail/slug killer.


My strawberries are starting to wake up and look strong, and I even saw a cheeky flower today! This is the big second year… No pressure strawberries!


I even found some rouge veggies!
Right time for a clean up!


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It’s been a while since my last post! Yesterday I made the most of the lovely sunshine. And got a slightly scorched back. Time for sun cream obviously!

My sweet peas are doing well


-tomatoes potted up
-stocks potted up

-larkspur shooting
-lysimachia ephemerum shooting
-stocks incana (Cinderella) shooting
-gypsophila shooting (outside)

Also I got some more seeds in;
Cosmos sonata
Borage (summer skies)
Poppy (angles choir mixed)

I have one lot of seeds that have not shooted, but I have lot track of what’s what, so perhaps it will all with out ok.

Also got some leek seeds and onion sets in.

Worried that I do not have enough space for my plans this year. So I might need to dig up the tarp area at some stage.

Lovely to see some sunshine and lots of lady birds!

They made it!

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It’s been a little frosty our way. But after a quick inspection this morning; the sweet peas have made it! However some horticultural fleece is on the shopping list! The next question is can I find some in central London… On my lunch break!?… Otherwise it’s an annoying stop off at homebase tonight.


This is some of my sweet peas (taken on a rather more sunny day)!

Cliff hanger!

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This weekend it was beautiful… So I snuck down the plot! I also purchased myself some new gardening gloves… For fear of another bee incident!

I was amazed how much the beds varied some nearly dry and others a bit soggy (but workable). However I am rather chuffed how much easier it is compared with last year (when we took the plot on)

On Saturday I dropped my sweet peas down the plot, and left them in the greenhouse. But when I popped down later that day (I checked my amazing thermometer, thank you secret Santa!) and saw the temperature had got pretty high. So I tentatively planted about about 6 plants… I moved my mesh hoops and fingers crossed! But last night I had in internal war with myself. If I bring them in they get too hot, if I leave them out they might freeze! I went with treat em mean tactic. But I can’t get down the plot till Wednesday morning now! Arghh! It’s a cliff hanger (for me at least!)

I also got my march flower seeds into the back beds. Will have to check names! And also into some pots… (in the kitchen) using my new vermiculite for the first time.

I popped my pea canoe seeds in the beds and moved the mesh hoops. Having never grown peas it is exciting!

Next weekend I need to sort out my mad mess of a greenhouse…
Also fixing the cracked panel at the back… Then I can actually leave the door open again.
And plant the remaining sweet peas (if they survive)!

My plot neighbour was also loving the sunshine and had his fold up chair and straw hat at the ready (I was very envious)!

Trip time, sleepy bee and the sweet pea!

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I have been away for one week. Mostly working, but we saw some amazing sights.



These are two photos taken at a temple in Shanghai.


And a bemused panda spotted at a market.

But the good news is my sweet peas have recieved great tlc! I even got a photo whilst i was away!


On Monday I had the day off to catch up with jet lag… I went down the plot… Got stung by a bee who was sleeping in the thumb of my glove. He survived and lucky for me it was a sleepy sting. But he started buzzing around so I decided to retreat to the flat. I made lots of mess, but got most potted up. And popped some out on the balcony to toughen up!


My extra seeds arrived… So that’s on my weekend to do list!  It’s exciting to get the plants going, but I need to get them out to the green house asap!