Alice in wonderland at the plot!

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On Saturday I went to the plot on a potato mission…. Better late than never!

However I was confronted by this weedy walkway, and then stung by nettles. How do they grow so fast!? Enter ‘the spade of destruction’. I really do hate the weeds as they are a haven for pesky slugs and snails. (sorry slugs n snails)

In my mind I was thinking… Nooo must do the potatoes! However I find the plot leads you off like Alice in Wonderland.

Weedy walkway... Before and after

I got back to my potatoes. And I fast realised what I probably already knew. Too many potatoes! Not enough space. And lots of path. This was my spacing test….

Poatoes and path. No space!

So the path had to go… And I pulled up the weed blocker. Then the feeling of “what have I done!!” started. This path has been down for 3 years…. Wonks n all.

Who needs a path anyway!

It’s now Monday; I still ache and my palms feel bruised! But my very late early potatoes are in! And all but a small section of path remains!

Big bed

Half way through ‘alice style’ I thought; oh let’s see what going on with the compost bin! This is my first 3 years and my first diy compost!! Exciting times! The soil under the path was pretty poor, so I mixed a bit in as I went. Hopefully it won’t damage my potatoes.

Compost lover

My plot has always been wonkey. So I also decided to make the potatoes raised. But it’s more a plateau! As my husband called it a paddy field plot! At this stage I realised next weekend would involve wooden board sourcing and installing.

This is my plot in overview… It desperately neds a good tidy and organise.

Out of control…

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So the allotment might have got a little out of control! Some weeding is urgently required.

It’s actually at the point that you might not know we had paths. But nothing a speed weed won’t fix.

The sweet peas are still doing a great job and I picked a few before the weekend and shared with my neighbours.

Sweet peas are my biggest success at the plot this year! So hopefully I can develop on it next year.

The peas were less successful as they must have been ready when we were away on honeymoon. But I found this dried out pod… And another partly mouldy… One pea made it! So I will try again!

The greenhouse tomatoes have already hit the roof and have starting getting tomatoes going on… So cheese and chutney will be on the cards soon!

We went to the most beautiful wedding yesterday and my foot got caught in the cross fire on the dance floor. Think I might be out the digging game for a few days! But it gives me time to plot and plan 🙂