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So we had a weekend of clearing out. We did a dump run with lots of smelly rotting weeds! Lovely!! And I purchased some waterproof crimson gardening gloves… At least I can’t misplace them!

So… my onions and garlic are no more. I think a combination of rust, neglect and weeds got the better of them; I now have two empty beds; which i am a bit sad about. So I have ordered some green manure seeds. And I am going to raid my sees box tonight. Hopefully we can get something simple in.

My sweet peas are still growing like mad, and I am cutting seeds pods to keep them flowering.

The highlight was probably setting up the hammock… In it’s sweet pea oasis!

Still so many weeds and such little time. This year has been a bit of a plot disaster as I just haven’t had enough time. Bit hopefully I can start planning and preparing for next year, and get a few late bits in…Whilst battling the giant slugs!

My tomatoes and potatoes are still ticking along 🙂 I might dig some up this week whilst it is sunny!

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