Dig for potato victory!

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Hopefully all the plot prep pays of this weekend.

Sweet peas have gone down to the plot and in the greenhouse.


-And the potatoes have all gone in. Thanks to some help from Mr. 🙂


We dug untill the sunset (although we only started at 5.30). Victory at last.


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Potato harvest begins…

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Some mini plot visits over the hot weekend! My dried peas/weeds came out; bed got dug over and some ‘happy soil’ was added…. and chard and sprouts went in. Amazingly the faux veg seems ok! And to my surprise my potatoes have turned out an edible crop! I dug the first half of 3 beds of potatoes before I thought I might wilt from the heat!


I think I have improve my harvesting technique as I only speared 3… So far!

Poorly ploting

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Today I pulled up our last potatoes.


Should keep us going for a bit.

Todays crop collection

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Today we picked;
1 huge sunflower
2 sweetcorn (us 1, squirrels 0)
2 Courgette/marrow
Beans and we also got a gift of some extra beans! Which always nice!


Yesterday I did some much needed weeding…and got the 1st pot bed back in action for some all year round lettuce.

Feel a bit sad to see beds empty, so I need a plan to keep them busy….

Pulled up half the second bed of early pots, probably a bit of a bad idea with the weather, but just keen to see what’s happening…lots of potatoes to eat!

Lazy summer days and chutney smells!

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So the good news is; I found more potatoes in bed 1 of 3…. About 5 big potatoes per plant and some more normal sized ones too.
Certainly enough for us. I have left the other early bed in as they are just hanging onto life and the 3rd one is main crop anyway and looks very happy!


So this was Friday nights findings.


And Saturdays.


The sweet corn is still with us. But don’t tell the squirrels!


And it seems we have beetroots after all! I do like a sneaky veg!

I dug over 2 beds (a bit) I forgot what a good work out it is! But trying to work out if I can get my beds in better shape and a second crop before autumn. Then thinking what winter crops I can get in. And of course a nice patch for my eagerly awaited garlic!

Feel like I have let the plot get away from me a bit over the summer, but not for long!

Also I made lots of chutney; stayed up till midnight Friday night in my determination to make Courgette and tomatoe chutney. Wild night in for me!

Not contented that the house smelled horrid enough… I then made another ‘more friendly’ batch for Sundays lunch. I tested this one the week before and we had nearly finished it by Friday. So I think it got the seal of approval!

Im all chutneyd out now!

Spring has sprung!

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So all the plants are still with us just about:
Sunflowers only one left now and I think he is on his way out from wind damage…
Tomatoes; all happy growing away. Due a pot up
Chard-doing really strong but small
Spring onions and spinach; looking a bit sad, will work on these!

Potato is growing too well!

All other plants are bumbling along; the twisted willow even has leaves!

All in all doing well, but this weekend will be a re-pot for many.