Sunflowers down! Timber!!

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My Sunflowers looked like a disaster zone on the plot; 3 down and 4 wonky wobblers!

Sad sunflowers

But we have a silver lining! The best flower display ever!!

My first cut sunflowers!

And after a night’s drink… They look a bit more perky!

Sunflowers survived!

I have strung the remains and attached one to the bbq (almost certainly a bad idea) but needs must!! 🙂

The big seed sowing day…

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It was a cold Sunday morning! Not the best allotment weather. I only had an hour or so… Bit manic with it being mother’s day!

So I got my seed hit list selected. Flossie helped!


And then i legged it to sow in the greenhouse:
Broadbeans…as I might have dug some of mine up in my impatience for them to grow outside. Probably need a much bigger pot to….! Let’s call it an experiment!

Seeds in modules

The cucumber and courgette seeds went in, and taken back to the safety of the mini greenhouse in my kitchen.

Cucumber and Courgette seeds in

And I covered my rhubarb… Monty said so!! As did a magazing cutting from a friend at work 🙂 so I thought I better do it! I recycled the half water butt left on our plot.

Now you see it.... Rhubarb
Now you don't!

I got some proper photos of my onions and garlic…


And the beloved sweet peas!!

Sweet pea ❤

I ran out of seed compost… So that was my lot. I’m going to hang back with my outdoor seeds as the weather is really turning at the moment. Brrr!

Spring has sprung!

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So all the plants are still with us just about:
Sunflowers only one left now and I think he is on his way out from wind damage…
Tomatoes; all happy growing away. Due a pot up
Chard-doing really strong but small
Spring onions and spinach; looking a bit sad, will work on these!

Potato is growing too well!

All other plants are bumbling along; the twisted willow even has leaves!

All in all doing well, but this weekend will be a re-pot for many.