July-August- September post!

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I stated writing this post a few months ago!…. Better late than never!

I have been off WordPress a bit of late. But the plot is still growing away, as is my own little (or rather big) side project. The baby bump!!

This post is a big overview of the year.

– Potatoes in the big bed grew well. We harvested these around the end of September. And this year we got them before the slugs! They turned out much better than expected considering I hadn’t given them much love. The potatoes in the waterlogged bed did grow, just not as much or as big. Next year I will need to find another way to drain my willow soaking pool, rather than just letting the water run into the beds.

-Tomatoes greenhouse and outdoor… Did well. But again a little tlc and they would have cropped longer and better. As always my greenhouse plants did the best.

-I also grew cucumbers and peppers in my greenhouse. Which did well.

-I grew some sunflowers to cut this year. They turned out great as just kept on flowering away all summer. And made lovely gifts to a lucky few! I also grew some big sunflowers…. Can’t have a plot without a few monsters!

-My tradition sweetpeas grew away nicely. But I’m determined to make them last longer. Lots of water?

– I also grew borage, wildflowers and some other companion flowers this year.

-My mini squash looked great, but gave up in the hot weather. I got two fruits… So it’s a start! They looked very pretty when growing away so I will try again next year.

– My beetroots did well. But got nibbled before I could get to them.

– Courgettes were a disaster this year. Just didn’t and didn’t want to know. They usually grow like weeds!

– Strawberry plants had there first year in a new bed. Hopefully next year they will show off!

-Raspberry plants were a bit sad this year. I didn’t cut back hard enough and I noticed a big improvement when I did! Next yearbook will be harsh on my lovely plants!
We cleared the plot and greenhouse down for autumn a little early this year. Next stop is manure spreading :).

Then we can start fresh in New year… With a brand new extra set of hands! I suspect he won’t come out with gardening gloves in hand…. But given a few years!


Raspberry plants via post, and Fridays botanical day dream!

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My 9 Raspberry plants have been dispatched! Im very excited as;
A. I have actually been organised enough to order them at the right time of year! Although I doubt we will get fruit this year…. It’s a start!
B. This is the first live plant I have ordered in the post.
C. I have a big gap in my plot… It’s always nice to look like you have a plan at the plot!
D. It’s a full season collection so hopefully it will feed me with raspberry goodness all season!
Fingers crossed they arrive today! As I have a long weekend of allotment love planned, and it would be great to get them in!!

Now onto the day dream….
Being raspberry inspired I also saw these lovely illustrations


I love botanical drawings, and was even thinking a botanical tattoo might be nice. When I was on my art foundation course I was lucky enough to visit the botanical vaults (prabably not the correct name but that’s what they were, and it was behind the scenes!) at the natural history museum. It was a good few years ago now, but they let me look at pressed plants and flowers that had been collected by explorers from all over the world… Think…. Captain Cook. It was amazing and very inspiring, and looking back now I was very lucky!!

It’s funny when you look back, and you realise you prabably like growing plants and veg for all sorts of funny reasons!

Potato sunbathing!

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Our potatoes arrived the week before last (yippee!)… As I’m sharing half with my mother, she kindly offered to chit them on her super sunny window sill! Hopefully they will get a flying start! Here they are sunbathing!! Oh for the life of a potato!

Potatoes at the ready!

We ordered:
Potato ‘Rocket’ (First Early)
Potato ‘Pentland Javelin’ (First Early) Boiling as a salad or new potato.
Potato ‘Lady Christl’ (First Early)  Potato ‘Kestrel’ (Second Early)
Potato ‘Desiree’ (Early Maincrop)
Potato ‘Cara’ (Late Maincrop)

In previous years I have gone a bit wild on poatoes. Only having a half plot I usually run out of space!! So this year we have hopefully ordered a sensible amount of potatoes.

Going for the Easter weekend as a good potatoes in date… I think that’s the potato law?! Right?

I’m looking forward to the coming weekend dig! Fingers crossed it’s a sunny one! 🌞

Snow and welly boots!

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It’s Tuesday and I am already thinking of the weekends allotment potential. I had to stay away from the plot last weekend as I had a cold… Usually I battle on decided to get some rest and leave the plot to slumber. Today it snowed which was a suprise and I realised 2 things; 1. Never leave your wellies at the plot and 2. If you do make sure your back up walking shoes are in the house… Not in the car boot!


It’s only a little snow… but enough to cause a bit of fun on the commute to work. Not enough for the wellies yet! It always makes me smile when I see ‘London’ wellies getting an outting on snow days! They always look so shiney and clean!!

Wicker fence day

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I tried my hand at a bit of wicker work today, not sure how it’ll hold up… Fingers crossed


I also had some helpers…in the form of 2 little cats


Pic post attempt number 2…. For this weekend’s plot visit

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Chives in seed
Sweet corn
Winter strawberries

Posts in text form only…

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My time at the plot has been a bit distracted of late. But this weekend I made it!

Things I did:
-Pulled up my sweetcorn (what did grow was made seemingly dinner for Mr squirrel and family)
-dug up my last pots. I had few holes in the odd potatoes… I have never had this before. What bug can I hold responsible? I dug over this bed too!
-pulled out my withered sticks of outdoor tomatoes plants… And strawberries have taken up residence.
-Had a general inspection and pulled up all my remaining beetroot.

So I’m going to preserve my beetroots this week. I went to the plot the week before last and did a mini tidy up…. A little bit ever few weeks should keep it ticking over. I hope.

Still growing:
-Brussel sprouts
– Strawberries!?
-pac choi?!
-some beetroots left…
-some very tragic leeks

Been a bit distracted by out lovely adopted cat. She is called flossie! 🙂

Right I have copied this… Here goes posting attempt!