Alota weeds!

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We got a great message just before christmas to say; “you can have an allotment”!

So we are less 5 ft garden more 15ft garden!


We have a choice of 3 spots and this one had a little greenhouse; which won us over! We knew it had some big bits of glass missing, we later realised it also had no door! Nothing that can’t be fixed up with a little TLC.

The plot looked a bit daunting; but once we got stuck in it wasn’t too bad. I understand it has been left for a little under a year; so hopefully nothing to scary!

At the back of the site we also had some large iron sheets,  a marquee tent and lots of carpet and random rubble…not to mentioned a fair few bags of garden waste…. from what we assume is the previous owner. We also had 2 rail sleepers; which we plan to use against the back fence…but this might be a summer job!

3 days later and its all starting to look a bit more less like waste land and more like an allotment. But we are ignoring that back section at the moment. This is a photo from day 1 when we cleared the space behind the greenhouse. I will take some better photos next weekend.


Few months on

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So here we are a few months on.

We are still being attacked by the evil white fly. But they seem a bit more under control.

I keep attacking them with soap spray which works a bit; but I am not to keen to attack spray my veggies.

My tomatoes have turned out rather interestingly; as you can see have no signs of fruit…I remain hopeful!!! To the bitter end (perhaps)!

It seems they much prefer the basket than the trough planter; I think this may be to do with sunshine!

Toms in basket
Toms in trough


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Here is a little update on progress;

Good news the toms is progressing…slowly

Bad new the potato plan died; in the heat I think I may have over watered him! I didn’t expect a lot but was pleased to at least see these 3 (if you can call them 3) potatoes!


3 potatoes-time to go carb free?

Attack of the white fly

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As I said in my previous blog, I had a little potting session.

All seemed a good idea untill I realised I NEED MORE SPACE! Anyway the 3 sad toms have now been rehomes into a trough pot and given a  healthy glug of veg feed!

My last Sunflower was re potted and rehomed to a more sheltered area…fingerscrossed! in my repotting I found a cheeky seed cling on; im hoping he’s a late sunflower too!

I’m going have to remember to not over water; as i think im getting a bit slap happy.

I also noticed my chives had an attack of white fly; so I thought I would try a soap spray first…all seems ok so far.

Its starting to look like a mini jungle!


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Last night I noticed the spinach is just coming through. I also noticed that not only do we get a squirrel visitor; but today we also had a little raven sitting on the hanging baskets. For a few weeks I put a feeder out; But discovered the bird seed went all over! Bit worried he might turn veggie and eat my baby toms!

I also saw.some bright lights chard; its amazing, looks like northern lights but in veg form!  

Work in progress

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Whilst trying to grow food and the odd flower we are also trying to make the balcony a more usable place.
So far that’s some shelves; and we plan to extend the sill out to give some extra surfaces. We have also added a mirror to reflect the lovely park! We have also bought a twisted willow- but he may need to be re homed in time.

Realising out ambitiousness we have also applied for an alotment; we are lucky enough to be 5 mins walk from two small sites: and the waiting list is about a year. So not too long.

Little shoots

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Well the tumbling toms went in first; and have progressed well in the warmth and sun of the kitchen. I’m going to start putting them out during the day. Hopefully it will harden them up. The chard is planted out; but I think my pots a bit small… but no signs yet. Ditto spring onions. Rocker and spinach have gone in too; I tried these outside and I’m just starting to see some little shoots. My marigolds, sunflowers and chives are doing well inside… again today these went out to face there first cool day. I snapped the top off my best sunflower over the weekend. Moral: Never play with shoots whilst talking on the phone! So some more seeds went in. I think my potatoes will be ready to go in soon! Pictures shortly!