Cat balcony open for business!

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It’s taken a while but we got there…

The cat friendly balcony

Cat balcony open for business!

-Safety net
-Cat plants
-All dusted and all safe
-Just need a cat….But where is she?… Snoozing on the sofa

Snoozing cat

I then realised we are basically living in a cat prison! From what we know she has always been a house cat, so it will be interesting to see what she makes of it.


Dream balcony/cat garden!

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So I feel a bit rotten that our cat doesn’t have a garden. She is a adopted indoor cat but she likes a good sniff and sit in the sun like most fur faces.

Our cat in the winter sun!

I have a big net to install and I plan to make a wooden frame so she is 100% safe.

I have done a bit of research and my planting plan is to begin by sourcing below…
1. Cat Grass


2. Lemongrass


This also keeps mosquitoes away… For some reason we get a lot at the allotment in the evening…. Might have to try this!
3. Catnip
4. Catmint


5. Mint
6. Valerian


7. Cat thyme
8. Spider plants apparently
9. Honeysuckle


I am sitting waiting for my delayed train into work… So musing about gardening is helping to soften my grump and kill some time. Although touch screen gloves would be an idea in the cold!! BRRR!

And I found this image. Is so beautiful!!! I like to think this is how flossie will feel on our balcony! (A bit…he he! 🐱) cat dreams!

Cat dreams!

Waiting for the grass to grow….

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So I’m growing some cat grass for miss flossie. But I’m waiting till it gets to 4/5 cm before she eats it all. It’s going to be a while….

Floss decided to try and every poisonous house plant that we own…. So cat grass seemed a possitive way forward. And the poisonous plants have been removed. I knew Lilly’s were bad for cats, but apparently cheese plants too! Sadly my two favourite house plants… They have been relocated to an off limit bedroom for now. But awaiting a new home.
Whilst I’m waiting for the grass to grown…. Here are some cute cats pics


The madam

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And the lady of fluff gets her very own post… She’s an extension of the plot (i think)…. Blossoming from a shy girl into a cuddle loving monster within the 2 weeks we have had her. Stage 2 is getting her to love strangers… Or maybe just friends and family! ….Meet flossie the cat!