Faux veg!

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So we went to the garden centre last weekend, and they had the dregs of veggie plants… And they were on sale! I think it’s probably a bit late in the day to be putting things in…But we had space and they had veggies needing a home. So the weedy plants went in at the weekend, and the slugs found them very quickly! Needless to say our slugs are very fat now… And the plants look a bit smaller. But we shall see who makes it to the weekend! It’s a battle to the death!

Veggie plants:
Baby corn
Baby kale
Baby broccoli
Pack Choi
And an interesting aubergine!

Will update on faux veg. I would like something growing so I hope they survive!

I’m letting my sweet peas go to seed to save for next year… As they look a bit ratty…. So before long I will have two big empty beds! I have some green manure ready to get growing; so hopefully this will keep the weeds in order! And then hopefully some fruit bushes in the autumn.

Peas remains need to come out… to make way for the new leek and chard plants… Along with a few cheeky marigolds!

Amazingly some of the stocks I attempted to grow… Are flowering!
I will take some photos on a real camera at the weekend!

1st lots of potatoes need to come out this weekend and strawberry runners need capturing!

Tomatoes look great, but at the moment still very green.

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