First day of Summer

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I have not written on here for a while. But today it’s the first day of summer!… And it’s raining (are we surprised?…..at least the plot will be happy).

Here is a run down on the plot.


Courgette x3 + 1 still in greenhouse
Squash x2. + 1 still in greenhouse
Sweet peas and other flowers 🙂
Potatoes x 6 types.


And in the greenhouse:

It’s all growing along with very little help from me. Just weeding and watering.

Last night we had our first big pot of raspberries. 🙂 The strawberries are being eaten by other beasties.

The to do list is:
-pot up the rest of my greenhouse
– Set my squash around frames, so it can grow upwards
-do battle with strawberry eating beasts
-pull up first flowered potatoes (set flower about a month ago :))

And I’m sure I will find other jobs!

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On a mission!

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This Sunday I went to the plot on a mission. Luckily I had my rain coat; as it rained!! I tucked myself away in the almost dry greenhouse (having a door is handy when it rains!)

I got some bits from the site shop. All set for the days fun.

I checked my greenhouse seedling and some are now emerging… (a few could just be weeds!) Good news as it really hasn’t been very warm, they all got a little drink.

More seeds
And even more seeds!

My sweet peas look happy, so I removed all but the top 4 leaves (always a bit scared when I do this) I’m sure this is what I did last year and it worked out ok.

Sweet peas

Oh dear I didn’t take an after photo… Here is a half way… Nice healthy roots!

Sweet pea and roots 🙂

I got done new seeds in:
-soy beans 🙂
-cat mint
– poppy California… Although I think these will flower next year
-a packet of lucky dip seeds: the ones I knew were courgette, borage and some other mystery flowers…

I did some inspections… My poor raspberry canes are not doing well. Another one got snapped.

Raspberry canes

But the first one that got snapped seems to shooting from the broken section?!

So I went home, I watched a bit of ‘kew on a plate’ whilst having my lunch. When I got back it was a bit sunny and having watched Kew on a plate (garlic focused) I was all excited and thought…. lets get it in and growing 🙂 I’m really pleased with now the garlic got a good kick start and some fab roots!

Garlic get set
Garlic get ready!
Garlic grow!

Then the rain really came down, covered with mud… I legged it home!! Never feels like I get enough done, but hopefully I can blitz it over Easter!

And I thought I should share my jolly llama photo of the day! Happy Monday!

Llama love

Stage 2: rainy plot visit!

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I saw the weather report for this afternoon; and it didn’t look promising. RAIN!

So I made sure to pack some chocolate buttons for my plot part 2! 😋

Lots of rain

I was glad I fixed the green house door last week… as it kept me nice and dry!  I don’t know where I would be without our inherited greenhouse!

Cozy inside the greenhouse!
Puddles at the plot

Last year my onions And garlic were a bit of a disaster. So this year I am attempting a booster by starting them off in our greenhouse. Might be a huge mistake… But giving it a try

Onions and garlic

I have been reading a few websites suggesting it’s a good starter… So here goes!

Onion sets, garlic... Are all go!

With the rain; I had no excuse to not tidy the greenhouse. It’s starting to look a bit more organised! Which hopefully makes everything a bit easier. A tidy greenhouse in a happy greenhouse! Let’s hope!

Today's tidy!

Slow grow

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So this Saturday it rained alot. And i kept running to my leaky greenhouse.


But I tried my best to get some bits sorted and the weeds at bay.

My lovely weeded broad beans!


I look at other peoples plots and things seem to be getting on, but mines making slow growing progress.

But my chard and beetroot have appeared. And I have re spaced a bit



And I have salad!!


And at least one tomato!


I dug lots of grow more in… Hopefully it will work some magic!

Feel like I am learning, bit by bit.

Mid week watering

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So with the weather being as it has, I haven’t felt the pressure to check up on my plot this week.

So todays visit was rather uplifting after a dreary walk home.

My potatoes are all making progress. Still a few non shows but I hope by the end of this week they will all be cracking on!


And some of my super huge tomatoes tomatoes have buds! Just need some lovely sunshine!


Some of my bbeans are up and looking strong! I haven’t netted or pelleted, so my fingers are crossed!