The big seed sowing day…

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It was a cold Sunday morning! Not the best allotment weather. I only had an hour or so… Bit manic with it being mother’s day!

So I got my seed hit list selected. Flossie helped!


And then i legged it to sow in the greenhouse:
Broadbeans…as I might have dug some of mine up in my impatience for them to grow outside. Probably need a much bigger pot to….! Let’s call it an experiment!

Seeds in modules

The cucumber and courgette seeds went in, and taken back to the safety of the mini greenhouse in my kitchen.

Cucumber and Courgette seeds in

And I covered my rhubarb… Monty said so!! As did a magazing cutting from a friend at work 🙂 so I thought I better do it! I recycled the half water butt left on our plot.

Now you see it.... Rhubarb
Now you don't!

I got some proper photos of my onions and garlic…


And the beloved sweet peas!!

Sweet pea ❤

I ran out of seed compost… So that was my lot. I’m going to hang back with my outdoor seeds as the weather is really turning at the moment. Brrr!

Getting busy in the greenhouse

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We have been away and so I had held back on seed planting. But this weekend I’m getting busy!!

I ran to the plot this morning. My greenhouse bits hadn’t been watered… In nearly… Eeeek!…2 weeks! I literally had a few minutes to water inspect and run for my train to work.

But I’m pleased and surprised to say the sweet peas have germinated! 😁 which makes me a very happy bunny! It’s a bit hit and miss… But I did plant far to many. Also not being watered in 2 weeks may have weeded out the weaklings! Needless to say I gave them a little water. It will be interesting to see what else appears. But they look to be sturdy little seedlings! And most importantly they grew!!

Sweet pea seedlings in the greenhouse

And my onions are garlic are also showing signs of life. Garlic is cracking along! But a little water will no doubt help 🙂

Greenhouse onions and garlic

And super exciting news! My chilli peppers germinated (at home in mini greenhouse) again a bit hit and miss about 1/2. But chillies are a bit tricky and I did drop my pots on the floor!! So it’s a surprising anything made it!

My green ear was also excited to hear on the radio about Kew gardens setting up a new kitchen garden where the old kitchen garden was! It’s called ‘Kew on a plate’ I assume this was filmed last year so I can’t wait to see the garden this year… I might try and check it out first hand in a few months. The TV program starts on Monday BBC 2! And has the lovely Kate humble presenting! I might have to invest in a Kew pass… So I can perve on the veggie patch through the year!!

Weekend plot review

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I’m having issues with posts from my phone again. So this is my 3rd attempt to post this…

So I had a quick ‘plot perv’ at the weekend.

Weeks review:
– rhubarb and raspberrys from last week are still intact!
– greenhouse sweet peas are a no show. I will keep hopeful! It could be my seeds from last year are not the best.
– greenhouse onions are snoozing…still
-greenhouse garlic is shooting! It’s nice to see some green!

Onions and garlic in greenhouse

– outside seeds are a no show… Carrot, Spring onion, beans. Probably just a bit over keen… I will wait and see.
– we also visited the ‘chitting factory’ aka my parents house. The potatoes are having a nice sunbathing holiday! 😎


I am going to wait till mid March to get the bulk of my seeds sown.

I have also seen some great pop up grow bag beds; that I want to invest in. It should add growing space in my greenhouse and out on the plot… And it has handles! Port-a-plot!

Stage 2: rainy plot visit!

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I saw the weather report for this afternoon; and it didn’t look promising. RAIN!

So I made sure to pack some chocolate buttons for my plot part 2! 😋

Lots of rain

I was glad I fixed the green house door last week… as it kept me nice and dry!  I don’t know where I would be without our inherited greenhouse!

Cozy inside the greenhouse!
Puddles at the plot

Last year my onions And garlic were a bit of a disaster. So this year I am attempting a booster by starting them off in our greenhouse. Might be a huge mistake… But giving it a try

Onions and garlic

I have been reading a few websites suggesting it’s a good starter… So here goes!

Onion sets, garlic... Are all go!

With the rain; I had no excuse to not tidy the greenhouse. It’s starting to look a bit more organised! Which hopefully makes everything a bit easier. A tidy greenhouse in a happy greenhouse! Let’s hope!

Today's tidy!

Garlic and onions!

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Today i purchased some garlic bulbs:

Early purple wight; soft neck

Carcassonne wight; hard neck

And onion sets:


Tomorrow they will hopefully go in 🙂 but i have hurt my shoulder…. so i might need to enlist some help!

The plot was covered in leaves today; so i can see it will be a bit of an issue over winter. As a result I will net my onions and garlic to  give them a helping hand. Also planning to dig over/weed/manure and tuck up the other beds tomorrow for a snugly winter!

My tomatoes are still going; but tomorrow  they will meet the end… Planning my last chutney batch.

Garlic and plot progress!

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Our plots looking lots better than 6 months ago!


I really want to grow some garlic next season! I spotted this on my way back from the plot tonight.