Stage 2: rainy plot visit!

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I saw the weather report for this afternoon; and it didn’t look promising. RAIN!

So I made sure to pack some chocolate buttons for my plot part 2! 😋

Lots of rain

I was glad I fixed the green house door last week… as it kept me nice and dry!  I don’t know where I would be without our inherited greenhouse!

Cozy inside the greenhouse!
Puddles at the plot

Last year my onions And garlic were a bit of a disaster. So this year I am attempting a booster by starting them off in our greenhouse. Might be a huge mistake… But giving it a try

Onions and garlic

I have been reading a few websites suggesting it’s a good starter… So here goes!

Onion sets, garlic... Are all go!

With the rain; I had no excuse to not tidy the greenhouse. It’s starting to look a bit more organised! Which hopefully makes everything a bit easier. A tidy greenhouse in a happy greenhouse! Let’s hope!

Today's tidy!

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