Windy weekends and to-do lists

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On Tuesday I walked home in the setting sun. Ok it wasn’t sunny at all, it was rainy and horrid. But it was light….which makes me very happy as I can see my plot after work. 🙂 When I have the time!

Although reading peoples blogs made me realise that I have not checked on my plot since storm Katie. And now the fear has set in!

So last night (a few nights ago now) I legged it to the plot. Was greeted by 2 cats shouting at each other, and another sheepishly watching them. But the plot was ok. A few broken panes of glass and blown over bits, but we made it!

Time to fix up my door again.

And straighten those poles!

But spring has sprung and my raspberry canes seem to be getting going for year 2 on the plot. The wood chips are making it all look much more organised….at least in my eyes.

I have to say it was hard to leave. But at the weekend I’ll get my dig on 🙂/ nothing done. And instead DIY our socks off. Ahhh well we now have a beautiful bedroom to relax in after all the future allotmenting. 😝

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