Greenhouse SOS!

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Oooh no!

It’s Monday….
I’m on the train to work…
And it’s hot! (it’s hot on my train anyway) but it’s been sunny all weekend. It snuck past me as have been on a DIY mission! So I have an entire day of thinking…. What will have survived in the greenhouse!? Plant SOS mission after work!

Probably need some pots like this!

Sunny day at the plot :)

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I got to the plot at around 10 yesterday morning. It was snug in the greenhouse. At a toasty 17 c!


I dug over my D. carrot bed… And I was feeling all fancy with my twine guide line!

Twine guides! Get me!!

I might have got a bit carried away… And sown my carrot seeds. Ooops! Historically I don’t really like carrots. So this is my first attempt at growing them. I fear I have sabotaged myself!! 

Beautiful seeds

I then had a mad panic!… And found a closh in my shed!  Which I deformed enough to cover both rows. It was nice and hot today… So it looked like a carrot sauna by the afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Carrot sauna!

I also got a bit inspired and started putting sweet pea supports in as mini dividers! Again far to early for this sort of stuff. I just can’t help myself… And makes me look like I have a master plan (i hope) although probably that I am just a bit nutty!

I then had a little lounge in the sun! I am on holiday after all.

Lazy day

I got both my potato beds de-stoned and dug over. And had a general tidy at both ends. And added some more sweet pea triangles at the end of the back beds.

Ready for action

I built a tomato support system in my greenhouse…. Using various bits from our inherited storage rack… Every year I have issues with my giant tomato plants. This year I have a plan… No more attack of the triffids!

Then I took a photo of the lovely blue sky! 🙂 Could have been summer time!

Blue sky in Feb

I organised the new section of my strawberries. Hopefully this means I have an over lap what I take out my 3 year old starwberries. I just need to sort out the crazy back section!…


I feel like I am getting set for spring now! But I also got told I can’t have anymore space for my growing 😭… I was hopeful to upgrade to a second half plot. But with requests for space now out weighing demand… It can’t be helped. Which is good news for the allotment site, just not for this ambitious grower! So the plan is that I need to become more ingenious with my space!! I might need to invest in some more growing bags…

Right now time to get set for work… Back to reality! I might have to take myself on a walk at lunch… Think it’s another sunny one today!

Speed weeding; a new sport!?

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So this weekend has been rather hectic with general life, so plot has taken a back seat.

But I got down the plot last night, and what a lovely evening! It was pretty dry, so I gave it a good drink!

I think I have lost some of my flower attempts to slugs.. Might be just as well as I need room for my potatoes!

The sweet peas are going stronger than I thought! But don’t seem to have the idea of climbing…. I always have this issue with climbing plants!? Any ideas welcome!

My peas are going well too… They seem nice and simple (at the moment)

I even got a speed weed in!!

I also found a delightful clump of stinging nettles by my water butt handle. My hand still hurts today!… They will be removed shortly!

I was planning to have this week off with to get life and the plot sorted… But a busy work schedule has got in the way. Bit sad as it is so sunny! I’m planning to work like an insane person and hopefully have last 3 days off this week. The allotment is my carrot!! And i need to get my potatoes in, and my early tomatoes out and set up… And I have onions that have not even made it in yet! So much to do! Fingers crossed! It is in need of tlc… But here are some photos weeds n all. X

Sweet peas!
Happy strawberries!