To do/ done list!

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Oh dear forgot to post this…..

Gosh it’s hot. I’m sitting on my train home writing my post…and again on my way to work today.

The to do/done list:
-The tats have been in the car. I like to imagine them yelling out ‘road trip!’ I need to bring these into the flat….and I hope to get them in the ground this weekend!

-chillies to pot up. 1/2 for plot and 1/2 for home. I got these potted, just need to bring half home tonight!
-Courgette and cucumbers to move to greenhouse… I did this.

Potted up cucumber, Courgette and chillies

But then I saw this!! And I was enraged!! Slug or snail you have met your nemesis!

This is not how plants are supposed to look!

I consoled myself by eating this…

Chocolate treats!

My outdoor plants are doing ok and I got treated to a lovely sundown!


Working 9 to 5…

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We went down to the allotment first thing today; and made some good progress. I also investigated what was under the piles of bin bags and carpet; as feared we found one of the many snail hide outs! My message to them; “YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!”


The front of the plot is starting to look a bit less weed ridden! The soil is so full of stones; I have started only taking out the big flinty ones. Hopefully we can re -cycle them somehow. Lots to do; but its good to keep tracking the progress!