Potato sunbathing!

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Our potatoes arrived the week before last (yippee!)… As I’m sharing half with my mother, she kindly offered to chit them on her super sunny window sill! Hopefully they will get a flying start! Here they are sunbathing!! Oh for the life of a potato!

Potatoes at the ready!

We ordered:
Potato ‘Rocket’ (First Early)
Potato ‘Pentland Javelin’ (First Early) Boiling as a salad or new potato.
Potato ‘Lady Christl’ (First Early)  Potato ‘Kestrel’ (Second Early)
Potato ‘Desiree’ (Early Maincrop)
Potato ‘Cara’ (Late Maincrop)

In previous years I have gone a bit wild on poatoes. Only having a half plot I usually run out of space!! So this year we have hopefully ordered a sensible amount of potatoes.

Going for the Easter weekend as a good potatoes in date… I think that’s the potato law?! Right?

I’m looking forward to the coming weekend dig! Fingers crossed it’s a sunny one! 🌞

Fox tails and potatoes

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Went down to the plot this morning and I saw my first potato shoots appearing! 🙂 … I have to admit some unceremonious prodding of potatoes to check they were getting on ok over the weekend! Maybe the potash I put on worked some magic!?


Also my beans seemed ok… If a tiny bit frazzled after the outing from the greenhouse. I tucked them up again last night, and out again today. All being well I will turf them out onto the plot at the weekend.

On my way back from the plot I saw a fox tail in the middle of a lawn….Seemed to be missing the relevant fox! I had a quick check to make sure it wasn’t a cub. Made me think if fantastic Mr fox!


But it was strange as it looked so pristine; hope Mr or Mrs fox is ok!?