Fox tails and potatoes

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Went down to the plot this morning and I saw my first potato shoots appearing! 🙂 … I have to admit some unceremonious prodding of potatoes to check they were getting on ok over the weekend! Maybe the potash I put on worked some magic!?


Also my beans seemed ok… If a tiny bit frazzled after the outing from the greenhouse. I tucked them up again last night, and out again today. All being well I will turf them out onto the plot at the weekend.

On my way back from the plot I saw a fox tail in the middle of a lawn….Seemed to be missing the relevant fox! I had a quick check to make sure it wasn’t a cub. Made me think if fantastic Mr fox!


But it was strange as it looked so pristine; hope Mr or Mrs fox is ok!?



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So we finally got our greenhouse glass purchased and in! It was so simple and we found a place to do it for a really good price. Which is great for our wedding savings!

However the glass looks so clean you can hardly see it, which probably just shows how grubby our greenhouse it. So I think a rainy day spring clean is on the cards…

All we need now is a door or something to block the door way when’s it’s a bit nippy. But our rather greenhouse ain’t looking to shabby!

And here is a photo of some of my seedlings.


They at really rocketing along; starting to feel the pressure to plant, but it still feels cold!

Monday blues

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Today back at working… Even tho I’m super busy my mind is still going off to my little plot, and all the exciting things I can’t wait to grow! And thinking are my onions going to do anything!?

Need to get some more seeds going tonight!

Don’t think I will make it to the plot this weekend as have birthdays but might try to get my greenhouse glass prepped!

Working 9 to 5…

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We went down to the allotment first thing today; and made some good progress. I also investigated what was under the piles of bin bags and carpet; as feared we found one of the many snail hide outs! My message to them; “YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!”


The front of the plot is starting to look a bit less weed ridden! The soil is so full of stones; I have started only taking out the big flinty ones. Hopefully we can re -cycle them somehow. Lots to do; but its good to keep tracking the progress!



Work in progress

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Whilst trying to grow food and the odd flower we are also trying to make the balcony a more usable place.
So far that’s some shelves; and we plan to extend the sill out to give some extra surfaces. We have also added a mirror to reflect the lovely park! We have also bought a twisted willow- but he may need to be re homed in time.

Realising out ambitiousness we have also applied for an alotment; we are lucky enough to be 5 mins walk from two small sites: and the waiting list is about a year. So not too long.