Mid April plan

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I’m at the stage that I need a plan again.

Things I need to do on the plot this weekend:
– Check sweet peas and sweetcorn are alive and possibly plant in the ground.
– Get my structures in place. Bamboo poles please!
– Clear ‘back area’ on my plot ready for the hammock stand in may.
– Sow beetroot, chard seeds direct in soild.
– Find my paper plans! Probably do this first… as I may have illegally sown extra crops. And it could go horribly wrong!
– Get some wood chipping for my strawberry bed.
– Get a proper frame made for my raspberry canes, and string them up! And remove any cheeky unwanted suckers that have popped up.
-Tidy greenhouse! A good rainy day job!
– Investigate compost bin 1… And dig into back bed… I need to put a little path back in here as it proved to be impossible last year.
– Do a bit of general maintenance… Weeding, fixing, levelling…

And I think that lot will keep me busy!

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2015 plot plan!

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So it might be time I made a plan…
My plans have a habbit of changing so I have doodled a layout and given my beds letters. Might give them nick names…
A. Annie
B. Betty
C. Cynthia….Could get rather confusing!

Right here is my wobbly doodle…

Veg plot 2015

A. Broad beans! However onions and garlic might need to move here!
B. Onions and garlic…
C. Strawberries
D. Carrots
E. Salad bits… Rocket, spinach, lettuce…
F. Beetroot
G. Raspberry bushes x3 summer
H. Raspberry bushes x 6 early
I. Potatoes
J. Potatoes… I might put these into grow bags to free up some more growing space…
K. Courgette… And spring onions.
Flower bed by greenhouse. Sunflowers! And flowers in general
Greenhouse. Tomatoes. Chilli peppers

Soy beans!

Oh dear I need more space!!
Things I want to squeeze in:
My prized soy bean experiment (i searched for these for a while)! I’m not sure where to grow my soy beans as they need lots of sun… I thought the greenhouse night be an idea?
Sweet peas (I will find space!!)
Flowers for bees!

The sun is shining 🙂 so off I go to the plot… But not before my second breakfast!!