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July-August- September post!

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I stated writing this post a few months ago!…. Better late than never!

I have been off WordPress a bit of late. But the plot is still growing away, as is my own little (or rather big) side project. The baby bump!!

This post is a big overview of the year.

– Potatoes in the big bed grew well. We harvested these around the end of September. And this year we got them before the slugs! They turned out much better than expected considering I hadn’t given them much love. The potatoes in the waterlogged bed did grow, just not as much or as big. Next year I will need to find another way to drain my willow soaking pool, rather than just letting the water run into the beds.

-Tomatoes greenhouse and outdoor… Did well. But again a little tlc and they would have cropped longer and better. As always my greenhouse plants did the best.

-I also grew cucumbers and peppers in my greenhouse. Which did well.

-I grew some sunflowers to cut this year. They turned out great as just kept on flowering away all summer. And made lovely gifts to a lucky few! I also grew some big sunflowers…. Can’t have a plot without a few monsters!

-My tradition sweetpeas grew away nicely. But I’m determined to make them last longer. Lots of water?

– I also grew borage, wildflowers and some other companion flowers this year.

-My mini squash looked great, but gave up in the hot weather. I got two fruits… So it’s a start! They looked very pretty when growing away so I will try again next year.

– My beetroots did well. But got nibbled before I could get to them.

– Courgettes were a disaster this year. Just didn’t and didn’t want to know. They usually grow like weeds!

– Strawberry plants had there first year in a new bed. Hopefully next year they will show off!

-Raspberry plants were a bit sad this year. I didn’t cut back hard enough and I noticed a big improvement when I did! Next yearbook will be harsh on my lovely plants!
We cleared the plot and greenhouse down for autumn a little early this year. Next stop is manure spreading :).

Then we can start fresh in New year… With a brand new extra set of hands! I suspect he won’t come out with gardening gloves in hand…. But given a few years!

Out of sight, but never out of mind!

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I have not made it to the plot in the past few weeks! Due to travel and lack of light…can’t wait for those long summer evenings!

Last week I had a work related adventure to Shanghai! I’m always curious what’s growing China side … We often drive past fields of veggies and giant grow tunnels on the edges of the cities and alongside the trainlines. Think industrial scale growing!! Much more practical than my romantic little plot!

But this year I saw lots of flowers grown in the cities which was nice! I took this photo of some nifty vertical planting alongside the edge of The Bund (the main river in shaghai).

Pic here… Sorry technical issues with my phone uploads again…

But generally I saw a lot more plants and greenery around the cities that we visited. Even this flowery Finnair plane!

Pic here

And on the way home I found a little grow pet. It seems growing is ‘cool’ China side too!

Pic here too

We found a garden of relaxation… Which was good as our flight was a little delayed. It had this rather nice floor design to inspire.

Pic here too…

I collected all my seeds the week before last (if I can control myself!). So next stop is the big sort out into monthly ‘to sow list’. I can’t wait to get down the plot tomorrow, fingered crossed it not too rainy!

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Harvest time…. At least the start!

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Just a few hours on the plot this weekend.

Harvest list:
-First potatoes…. I dug up the ones that had flopped or looked unhappy. But they have grown a reasonable amount of potatoes! Not the total fail I was expecting.
-Spring onions. I’m just picking off the big ones.
-Red and white onions. My first year of these being a decent size! clearly watering more helped! Again I have only taken the flopped and dried looking.

Saturday harvest

-I also have about 3 courgettes ready! One being yellow!! Very exciting. Have picked these now and having Courgette style pasta tonight.

Exciting developments:
-Sunflowers are getting taller, and forming flowerheads!! Can’t wait for these pops of colour!
-tomatoes are just turning, but I don’t have many new flowers. So I shut the greenhouse door today in the hope a bit of humidity might help…
-my late sown flower seeds have germinated outside. So I’m going to space these out a bit…my sowing technique really is a work in progress! Then just hope they speed along… as they are so late going in!

As I take things out I am filling the gaps with what ever I can get my hands on… I had some spare leeks that have gone into my onions gaps. I moved some of my small beetroot seedling to given them a bit more room to grow.

I’m starting to think about next year… Just a bit… And that I might make a growing worksheet. To try and max out each bed all year around!

Green fingers

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Quick trip to the plot and I literally have green fingers! Great for a trip into London!


I have now realised my mistake in letting the ‘arm pit shoots’ take over on my tomato plants. On some plants I now have about 4 main stems. And now I can see tomatoes forming it makes me worry how strong these stems are.

So I rather savagely cut one plant back as an experiment, removing the cheeky extra shoots, some were huge!

At least I am learning from these experiments.

I took this photos of flowers from another plot, they looked so pretty!


Now off to London!