Raspberry plants via post, and Fridays botanical day dream!

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My 9 Raspberry plants have been dispatched! Im very excited as;
A. I have actually been organised enough to order them at the right time of year! Although I doubt we will get fruit this year…. It’s a start!
B. This is the first live plant I have ordered in the post.
C. I have a big gap in my plot… It’s always nice to look like you have a plan at the plot!
D. It’s a full season collection so hopefully it will feed me with raspberry goodness all season!
Fingers crossed they arrive today! As I have a long weekend of allotment love planned, and it would be great to get them in!!

Now onto the day dream….
Being raspberry inspired I also saw these lovely illustrations


I love botanical drawings, and was even thinking a botanical tattoo might be nice. When I was on my art foundation course I was lucky enough to visit the botanical vaults (prabably not the correct name but that’s what they were, and it was behind the scenes!) at the natural history museum. It was a good few years ago now, but they let me look at pressed plants and flowers that had been collected by explorers from all over the world… Think…. Captain Cook. It was amazing and very inspiring, and looking back now I was very lucky!!

It’s funny when you look back, and you realise you prabably like growing plants and veg for all sorts of funny reasons!