Non digging weekend

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Didn’t make it down this weekend but….

My tomatoes are rocketing along; enjoying the sunshine on the window sills. I am a little worried where I am going to keep them as they get bigger. Also thinking when I do put them out… I need to animal proof my balcony to avoid the birds using my flower pots as landing platforms like last year! Nothing sadder that a squashed tomatoe plant.

I put my free trial beans in pots and they are starting to emerge… Have planted two per pot so hopefully I should have some survivors.

Also I visited my grandparent at the weekend and they donated two propagators to the growing cause. They are a huge improvement on my flimsy ones! Hopefully they will help lots of little plants get going. My Gran was telling me all about her father who was a head gardener, I just hope I inherited some of the skills!

So now all i can do is imagine how the weeds have progressed in the sunny weather and thinking about my revenge. I was hopeful to go after work, but I’m so busy with work that I see lots of late nights on the cards. But we shall see…

Friday night post

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So last weekend we got stuck in;
I got my idea of grow tunnels off the ground; using water pipe, wood, canes and wire… I purchased my mesh to stop the birds and bugs getting my future veggies. Probably a bit silly, but I hope being prepared will help later. This is the result (without mesh)

Water butt is re located so it will.collect water once fully connected


And got my tomato seeds going and potted on… 2 varieties and another to go. May be a bit tomato crazed! Also grown some marigolds to keep bugs at bay.

Sunday we dug our socks off and got the deep late manure in for the beans. And got some more stocks of manure to dig in…. Running very behind but making progress!

Getting ready for bamboo canes structures soon…

Met lots of neighbours, everybody is so nice and encouraging! Exciting times!