Bulb lasagne?… Yum yum!

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I’m thinking about spring time flowers this month; I always forget to get these in. So this year I’m getting my bulbs in a row (so to speak!). But as always it’s a battle for space and time on our little plot.

I sourced some snow drops, crocus, mini daffodils and some allium bulbs. Nearly all have gone in. But I’m planning to sink the plastic pots in the ground, let them flower and then rotate for veggies.
Last year my mother grew some lovely frilly tulips and she gave me some this year 🙂 so these will be added to the mix!

I have to be honest… I might have too many bulbs not enough space! Pots to the rescue!!

In the summer we went to Hampton court flower show….My first flower show! To be honest it was a bit busy, but we saw some inspiring flowers and I got lots of ideas!! Last year I deveoted spare space (made space) for my favourite sweet peas and sunflowers… So I’m going to have a fight on my hands next year!

I read Monty dons Jewel Garden earlier this year, with the mention of hundreds of tulips bulbs…. It really got me thinking what could I do with my tiny space. I’m also thinking long term I need to start my collection of bulbs!! At least using sunken pots I can pull them up and take them with me… A sort of portable garden.

In my researching have come across bulb lasagne! Which is bulb layering for non stop flowers!! I have done a little experiment with this… But I think it could end up like all the fireworks going off at once! Here is some of my bulb research on pintrest at http:// www.pinterest.com/bloomorbust/bulbs/

With lots of ideas it’s tricky to cram it all in, but every year it means I improve the plot to make the most of the space. And every year I get a bit better.

With autumn fast rolling in its a great time to plan for some early spring blooms!

Friday night post

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So last weekend we got stuck in;
I got my idea of grow tunnels off the ground; using water pipe, wood, canes and wire… I purchased my mesh to stop the birds and bugs getting my future veggies. Probably a bit silly, but I hope being prepared will help later. This is the result (without mesh)

Water butt is re located so it will.collect water once fully connected


And got my tomato seeds going and potted on… 2 varieties and another to go. May be a bit tomato crazed! Also grown some marigolds to keep bugs at bay.

Sunday we dug our socks off and got the deep late manure in for the beans. And got some more stocks of manure to dig in…. Running very behind but making progress!

Getting ready for bamboo canes structures soon…

Met lots of neighbours, everybody is so nice and encouraging! Exciting times!