Out of sight, but never out of mind!

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I have not made it to the plot in the past few weeks! Due to travel and lack of light…can’t wait for those long summer evenings!

Last week I had a work related adventure to Shanghai! I’m always curious what’s growing China side … We often drive past fields of veggies and giant grow tunnels on the edges of the cities and alongside the trainlines. Think industrial scale growing!! Much more practical than my romantic little plot!

But this year I saw lots of flowers grown in the cities which was nice! I took this photo of some nifty vertical planting alongside the edge of The Bund (the main river in shaghai).

Pic here… Sorry technical issues with my phone uploads again…

But generally I saw a lot more plants and greenery around the cities that we visited. Even this flowery Finnair plane!

Pic here

And on the way home I found a little grow pet. It seems growing is ‘cool’ China side too!

Pic here too

We found a garden of relaxation… Which was good as our flight was a little delayed. It had this rather nice floor design to inspire.

Pic here too…

I collected all my seeds the week before last (if I can control myself!). So next stop is the big sort out into monthly ‘to sow list’. I can’t wait to get down the plot tomorrow, fingered crossed it not too rainy!

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One thought on “Out of sight, but never out of mind!

    simoneharch said:
    January 31, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    It feels like it’s never going to stop raining here in north-west England. Hope you managed to get out and get some work done!

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