Alice in wonderland at the plot!

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On Saturday I went to the plot on a potato mission…. Better late than never!

However I was confronted by this weedy walkway, and then stung by nettles. How do they grow so fast!? Enter ‘the spade of destruction’. I really do hate the weeds as they are a haven for pesky slugs and snails. (sorry slugs n snails)

In my mind I was thinking… Nooo must do the potatoes! However I find the plot leads you off like Alice in Wonderland.

Weedy walkway... Before and after

I got back to my potatoes. And I fast realised what I probably already knew. Too many potatoes! Not enough space. And lots of path. This was my spacing test….

Poatoes and path. No space!

So the path had to go… And I pulled up the weed blocker. Then the feeling of “what have I done!!” started. This path has been down for 3 years…. Wonks n all.

Who needs a path anyway!

It’s now Monday; I still ache and my palms feel bruised! But my very late early potatoes are in! And all but a small section of path remains!

Big bed

Half way through ‘alice style’ I thought; oh let’s see what going on with the compost bin! This is my first 3 years and my first diy compost!! Exciting times! The soil under the path was pretty poor, so I mixed a bit in as I went. Hopefully it won’t damage my potatoes.

Compost lover

My plot has always been wonkey. So I also decided to make the potatoes raised. But it’s more a plateau! As my husband called it a paddy field plot! At this stage I realised next weekend would involve wooden board sourcing and installing.

This is my plot in overview… It desperately neds a good tidy and organise.

2 thoughts on “Alice in wonderland at the plot!

    plot34 said:
    May 2, 2015 at 11:57 PM

    I’m pleased to discover that it’s not just me who has those ‘Alice’ moments. Today, I set off to the water tap and passed the raspberries en route. I noticed the evil bindweed, so stopped to pull out as much as I could. 30 minutes later, I’m back to water the seedlings. Fun isn’t it 😉

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