Day off= my idea of a holiday at the plot!

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I have a few days off work this week. So it’s a great excuse to get to my beloved plot!

Sweet peas are in 🙂

Sweet peas. Soaked and sown

Last year I grew them in side, this year I am being tough! 💪 starting them off in the green house (no fancy heating, but I do have a door :)).

I got my chilli peppers in… I plan to start these off back at home.

Chilli pepers

I have a bit of a headache today so I have retreated home. Not before I tipped one of pots of peppers over 😱. Feeling poorly and gardening don’t really work. I need to make a medical kit for the plot… Pain killers, plasters… Maybe some antiseptic tissues!

But now I need lunch! Just need to move the furry heater (the cat) off my lap (she is making the most off me having a day off work) then back to the plot for stage 2!

Snoozy cat

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