Weekend workout

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Good workout weekend.
Drum roll!

I fixed the green house door! And I will now be known as ‘queen of the staple gun’! Hopefully it will last another 2 years. Here are my tools… Took me about 2 days to actually locate the correct equipment… So in itself that was a minor achievement!


And this is the door installed 🙂 I’m just glad its finally done!

Finished door

I had a huge dig. My first big work out for the year. I started at around 10; and left at around 2. My tummy was literally growling for food when I got home.


Dug over my future potato bed (the Z bed)… Again. And put some strawberry plants in pots down the side of the bed. The soil keeps escaping the bed onto our shared path… Hopefully it’s a good flexible planting/edging solution.

I had a strawberry tidy up… It might be the wrong time of year for this; hopefully I haven’t done to much harm.
I pulled out the illegal plants that had grown in any available space and removed the old brown decaying leaves. I then put down some new grow stop matting. I only got half the bed done..  but you can see the madness vs attempt at organisation!


I planted up my vertical growing tube with strawberry runners from last year. It’s sort of vertical gardening… I will get a photo next time I visit the plot. Again maybe I should have waited till March… But I was just a bit keen. Hopefully as they are runners they are already pretty tough! I hope it will end up looking a bit like this.

Strawberry inspiration

I dug half my mini back bed and put spring onion seeds in.

Dug the bed nearest the greenhouse and removed what I thought was ‘green manure’ as I had dug it in. But it wasn’t really doing a lot; as far as rotting down goes. So it might have just been a weed. Who knows. Anyway I putted what was left, out. This took an age! I then put broad bean seeds in 🙂

I’m already going off piste from any sort of plan! When I have seeds in my hand I just can’t help myself!

It was a great day for digging as it was gloriously sunny… If a bit soggy. I even got down to my t-shirt…The allotment t-shirt tan is never far away! Can’t wait to get back there next weekend!

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