From tiny seeds large veggies do grow. And raspberries are not good neighbours?

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The veggie order was placed last week. Seemed like a lot. But my new seeds arrived on Saturday and I always feel a little disappointed. Probably because large veggies grow from tiny seeds! (let’s hope) and….now I have to wait patiently to sow!!.. Although I have spotted a few I can get in early!

Potatoes came today, and raspberry canes are due in the next few weeks! No excuse to not be ready! I have made a mad sketch for my raspberry plans! No idea if they will fit! Will take a measure stick and plot it out next Saturday. I need to build some supports too and some fancy wire structures. And source some mulch! I was curious about companion plants but everything I read says that raspberry canes will obliterate any neighbours. So I will update.

We visited our friend last weekend, and as you do…we went to see her allotment! Such allotment geeks! They are allowed chickens! …So feeling all inspired I sorted out my seed box for the year. I’m a very messy gardener! I found that I have 3 packets of my favourite tomato seeds! And I ordered a special project seed: the soy bean!! My plan is to try and grow everything this year! No excuses!!

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