Get set…

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Weekend trip to the plot. We had a great spring clean; and did a good job clearing the large sacks of weeds that had accumulated! I have paths again!! Although I filled them back up on Sunday!

My beautiful assistant helped to dig the beds and clear an area to store my growing hoops. So we are feeeling a bit more organised… Less manic dumping! I now how a beautiful s shaped bed. But less path, bit more growing.

We dug the very back bed… Moved the dreaded tank around again… One day I will get that beast off the plot!

Plot looks a bit off a mess… But it’s organised chaos (honest)! Looking forward to getting my remaining weed block paths down once the weather improves a bit.


I went back on the Sunday and had a great greenhouse tidy… Usually I don’t see spiders yesterday I found this chap!  


Eeeek! He scuttled off… no doubt to suprise me on another day!

Getting all set for spring time! But still more work to do!

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