New year. New broom!

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Had a great day digging on Sunday. Even in the cold! And to prove it I found my greenhouse thermometer. It was 4c inside our greenhouse. But got up to a snug 52c in the summer!


As you can see from my muddy paws it was a bit wet and I eventually admitted defeat… But I got a good 3 hours in.

I got 3 of my 4 bags of well rotted manure down. I gave all those beds a light dig and weed as needed, and added a nice cozy manure duvet.

And I came up with a new plan. U shaped beds
A. More space.
B. less path to maintain. Hopefully it’s win win.

I also purchase a broom (have wanted a broom for ages!) and some seeds! Getting excited about the year ahead!!

I had a little spruce in the greenhouse. Removing my old tomatoes plants (I know it’s bad!)

Next week’s plan:
-A dump run. Might be the time to say goodbye to the giant water tank.
-Further greenhouse tidying. Removing of moss!! And fixing the door. The plastic finally degraded this winter. But staple gun and some sheeting can’t fix.
-Purchase a few more meters of the ground sheet material and pegs needed to stake it in.
-Start my sweet peas. Inside… Perhaps
-Draw up an actual plan!
-Order my fruit trees for Feb

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