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My time at the plot has been a bit distracted of late. But this weekend I made it!

Things I did:
-Pulled up my sweetcorn (what did grow was made seemingly dinner for Mr squirrel and family)
-dug up my last pots. I had few holes in the odd potatoes… I have never had this before. What bug can I hold responsible? I dug over this bed too!
-pulled out my withered sticks of outdoor tomatoes plants… And strawberries have taken up residence.
-Had a general inspection and pulled up all my remaining beetroot.

So I’m going to preserve my beetroots this week. I went to the plot the week before last and did a mini tidy up…. A little bit ever few weeks should keep it ticking over. I hope.

Still growing:
-Brussel sprouts
– Strawberries!?
-pac choi?!
-some beetroots left…
-some very tragic leeks

Been a bit distracted by out lovely adopted cat. She is called flossie! 🙂

Right I have copied this… Here goes posting attempt!

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