It’s alive!!

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So I am going to attempt:
A. A non boring post
B. A post with photos
C. On my delayed train to work….
Here goes!

I went down the plot last night for a water. I’m ashamed to say the first time since Sunday. Needless to say it needed a good water!
But generally it looked happy. And my baby seedling look like they might have germinated.

It was a very lovely sunset evening, although I was left watering the last bits in the fading light.



My strawberry plants seem a little confused and have started giving my strawberries again. I have potted runners coming out my ears!


But the runners are still on a mission… Growing over the path… Although I prefer this than weeds!


My basket potted runners are showing life… Tiny green leaves! ‘IT’S ALIVE!’ (frankestine voice please)


The bright lights chard looks jolly as always!


Sweet corn is nearly my height… But still no corns.


Beetroot is determined to expose itself!


And my broccoli is growing but also providing dinner for the cabbage butterfly family….


I have lots of tomatoes still and some super cute late ones!


Very much loving the plot last night. It’s just so tranquil! Must go back tonight with some tomato feed!

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