Sunny Sunday

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So I took myself to the plot for…4/5 hours on Sunday. Amazing how time goes! I got a surprise weeding tan again.
I dug over my potato bed… But in the process speared 3 lovely potatoes. Clearly I never finished digging that bed!…. Anyway I did check and turned up a few strays… I then carried on digging. And put some green manure in… It’s so late I might just over winter it.

I took out the next lot of dried sweet peas… Dug and put some more green manure in…

I noticed my beetroot is starting to appear, and looks happy.

I made sure to cover the tops this year so they keep a bit fresher. And I got some more strawberry runners in.

I made my first batch of chutney on Sunday night. Think I will need to try some new combinations this year!

Generally everything looks happy enough, although I have a lot of cabbage butterfly and caterpillars.

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