August plot review

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So my blog has been a bit unreliable of late. So I’m going to try text format…

Sweetcorn: growing away, but showing no signs of making sweet corn.

Kale: looking fab, and I am planning some kale chip experiments…

Chard: looks good and I am going to try some experiments with new recipes this week…

Outside tomatoes: looking good if a little green. I noticed some are splitting this year. I assume that is my irregular watering?

Potatoes: 1 bed dug. 2 more half alive… I’m going to sit tight and leave them in till required… Or I have time to dig them

Strawberries: runners are all cracking along. And the plants seem super healthy… Although no more strawberries

Leeks: my faux leeks have gone in. But I’m not convinced.

Garlic and onions: this was a non starter this year as I got the evil rust.

Greenhouse tomatoes: doing very well considering I have not been watering like I did last year. Lots of tomatoes! So it might be a green and red chutney weekend.

Greenhouse: I had a good tidy as it was a chaos! I found some alarmingly big spiders!

Flowers: are still growing away and looking merry.

I’m stuck on the train right now… So this is the day dreaming bit…
New things I would like to grow next year:
-soy beans (greenhouse?)
-courgette. Somehow I never remember to plant these on time!
-pumpkin… On a vertical support
-more flowers… Maybe a wild flower section

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