Hens and sunshine!

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So I had a lovely Saturday hen do with my girlies and lovely ladies,much relaxing, cake and flapper styling was had! Followed by an yummy, but very filling breakfast at breakfast club Soho. Which fueled me to the plot for a good few hours of much needed digging in the lovely sunshine!
The exciting plot update is; my first pea has appeared!


And my sweet peas look like they have tiny flower buds forming… One month to go little sweet peas! You can do it!!

Otherwise my strawberries are looking super this year. So I might cage them…hopefully Mr squirrel doesn’t scoff the lot again.

My potatoes and cracking on.

My onions and garlic have a nasty bug. Maybe rust? I need to do done research on how to treat it, but they don’t look happy at all.

I planted in my green flowers seedlings into the green house border, and my outdoor tomatoes!

And I need to get some late sunflowers in, so I can compete with miss Corben in our tallest sunflower competition!

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