Speed weeding; a new sport!?

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So this weekend has been rather hectic with general life, so plot has taken a back seat.

But I got down the plot last night, and what a lovely evening! It was pretty dry, so I gave it a good drink!

I think I have lost some of my flower attempts to slugs.. Might be just as well as I need room for my potatoes!

The sweet peas are going stronger than I thought! But don’t seem to have the idea of climbing…. I always have this issue with climbing plants!? Any ideas welcome!

My peas are going well too… They seem nice and simple (at the moment)

I even got a speed weed in!!

I also found a delightful clump of stinging nettles by my water butt handle. My hand still hurts today!… They will be removed shortly!

I was planning to have this week off with to get life and the plot sorted… But a busy work schedule has got in the way. Bit sad as it is so sunny! I’m planning to work like an insane person and hopefully have last 3 days off this week. The allotment is my carrot!! And i need to get my potatoes in, and my early tomatoes out and set up… And I have onions that have not even made it in yet! So much to do! Fingers crossed! It is in need of tlc… But here are some photos weeds n all. X

Sweet peas!
Happy strawberries!

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