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It’s been a while since my last post! Yesterday I made the most of the lovely sunshine. And got a slightly scorched back. Time for sun cream obviously!

My sweet peas are doing well


-tomatoes potted up
-stocks potted up

-larkspur shooting
-lysimachia ephemerum shooting
-stocks incana (Cinderella) shooting
-gypsophila shooting (outside)

Also I got some more seeds in;
Cosmos sonata
Borage (summer skies)
Poppy (angles choir mixed)

I have one lot of seeds that have not shooted, but I have lot track of what’s what, so perhaps it will all with out ok.

Also got some leek seeds and onion sets in.

Worried that I do not have enough space for my plans this year. So I might need to dig up the tarp area at some stage.

Lovely to see some sunshine and lots of lady birds!

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