Cliff hanger!

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This weekend it was beautiful… So I snuck down the plot! I also purchased myself some new gardening gloves… For fear of another bee incident!

I was amazed how much the beds varied some nearly dry and others a bit soggy (but workable). However I am rather chuffed how much easier it is compared with last year (when we took the plot on)

On Saturday I dropped my sweet peas down the plot, and left them in the greenhouse. But when I popped down later that day (I checked my amazing thermometer, thank you secret Santa!) and saw the temperature had got pretty high. So I tentatively planted about about 6 plants… I moved my mesh hoops and fingers crossed! But last night I had in internal war with myself. If I bring them in they get too hot, if I leave them out they might freeze! I went with treat em mean tactic. But I can’t get down the plot till Wednesday morning now! Arghh! It’s a cliff hanger (for me at least!)

I also got my march flower seeds into the back beds. Will have to check names! And also into some pots… (in the kitchen) using my new vermiculite for the first time.

I popped my pea canoe seeds in the beds and moved the mesh hoops. Having never grown peas it is exciting!

Next weekend I need to sort out my mad mess of a greenhouse…
Also fixing the cracked panel at the back… Then I can actually leave the door open again.
And plant the remaining sweet peas (if they survive)!

My plot neighbour was also loving the sunshine and had his fold up chair and straw hat at the ready (I was very envious)!

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