Potato army and sweet pea love!

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My first house seedlings have sprung!… But now I’m abandoning them… and heading away for a week on work. Luckily I have my gardening assistant on hand to keep them happy! I have never grown sweet peas from seed; hopefully they are not getting two leggy! With all this horrid weather and storms it’s good to see something growing again.

Also and my potatoes arrived; so they are all merrily chitting away. Happy days!

Also my garlic and onions are still making progress down the plot.

I really need to do a plot plan this year! Something to do on the plane!!

I think we are fairly lucky our site seems free draining; maybe all those stones are helping after all! But having seen the damage done by the tree on the plot shops… I do fear for our green house. But fingers crossed!
Can’t wait to get back from my trip and get some more things growing! Shocked to think it is nearly March!!

Plot dreaming out… And back to reality x

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