Weekend plot visit

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Last weekend I made it to the plot!
We finally did that dump run! But my car was looking pretty laiden… So it will be another run soon with the straglers soon. But the plot looks much more respectable!

I took another good chunk out of the offending mountain of soil that our predecessor left… So many stones, bricks, glass and even some wire mesh. But it’s nearly cleared. And I am recycling the stones and bricks; so it has it’s upside.

I carved out a nice hearty step on the back left side of our plot. And used my new found bricks to reinforce the sides. And then I got my amazing tarp all pegged in. So it looks beautiful (as a step can be) and much more practical in this wet weather. I’m going to try and make that my wildlife area… Perhaps a fully fledged bug hotel! I hope to turn my back bed over to flowers.

I had my first reminder that the ‘kitchen is not a greenhouse!’ So I swiftly dissipated the pots with prospective sweet peas around our flat. Last year we had tomatoes on every surface… Then the chillies took hold… So he may have a point!

But I got my sweet peas in… And it seems to early….but I’m sure I saw a shoot today. I covered it over as it must be really shallow… But I will investigate further

My potatoes have been delayed… But fingered crossed they arrive next week.

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