Snug bugs and sunshine!

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It was lovely and sunny! And we finally got the beds dug over and manured. But it wouldn’t have been half as quick without my lovely assistant. All but 2 beds are now ready to go  🙂
We found some lovely big worms, and as you can see the robbin was desperately trying to get a look!


We finally chopped and cleared the cabbage bed. Got the last lot of garlic in the ground. Cleared the greenhouse. Moved the bags ready to go to the dump… Then to my amazement I found a huge nest of lady birds. All different varieties. So I covered them back up and and invested in a bug house… I had a few lady birds that were attached to bags so I tried to re home them and they did seem to be happy to move in.


But I left the house next to the others under a clump of leaves. Not sure of it will work; but I will try to make my ladybirds snug bugs for winter! Once I am a bit more organised I will try and make a proper bug palace.  I saw this bug house when I visited an rhs garden in the summer… I need to start skip raiding!


After all I say in my greenhouse and enjoyed the sun… Whilst some eating chocolate! What could be better?


Then I ordered some veggies to grow… I got a bit carried away so I will check what I ordered tonight!

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