Wedding potatoes?

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Rather excitingly I’m getting married this summer!

But last night I was told the words I feared most!… ‘It’s the wedding or the plot’. This came about as I was trying to order potatoes on ‘stealth mode’… Rather than adding the finishing touches to the wedding invites; (I will admit wedding invites ‘might’ be more important than my next crop of potatoes!)

Last summer I was looking at my mangled nails and thinking did anybody invent allotment gloves for the lady. I’m not a big nail fan luckily… But there must be a few lady gardeners who are!? I will worry about my nails closer to the time otherwise I will get nothing done! But it got me thinking there must be a gap in the market for bridal allotment gloves?

This weekend;
I need to get down the plot to get my lovely manure down… with all the rain it still hasn’t happened. I reckon a two hour blitz and a dump run.

Although I don’t have much time, when I do get down the plot it makes me so happy. It’s when the sun makes that lovely hazy warming glow, but it’s a but nippy, and the birds are twittering. And you realise just how lovely and peaceful it is  :-). I think today is one of those days… Sadly I’m at work… But I can imagine it’s a great plotting day!

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