A mad week but the plot looks pretty!

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It’s been a bit busy but here is an update on plot progress.


The plot in it’s full grown rambling ness! It’s a bit of a mess, but we still have flowers in amongst it all. And it’s green and growing so im a happy bunny!


Our lovely sunflower! We have some more getting ready to flower too!


Our tomato jungle, it’s all very propped up with various gardening tools. Next year I will have a better system to keep them all upright!


We went away for last weekend and we got two big pots of toms to keep us busy this week. So im going to make some more chutney!


Monday night we pulled up our onions. We decided to copy our much more experienced neighbour! And the onions have not done much in a while. Although one was an amazing onion spear!


It looks like it will rain. So I braided them and popped them on our balcony to dry out. Hopefully they will catch some rays!

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