Sun and rain

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It’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy eating veggies! (sort of)

Tomatoes are progressing


I literaly squealed when I saw my first red tomato. And now more are turning!


Soon we will have tomatoes coming out of our ears!

The corn has mostly survived and little corn heads have appeared. I think we will need to invest in some wire if we are going to keep the squirrels at bay for much longer.


Onions are still getting bigger, even if the tops have flopped.


The cabbages are getting huge! And look beautiful but I think next year we will try some red cabbages.


And my sunflowers have outgrown the greenhouse now, just waiting for the flowers now.


This is todays crop. Looks like evolution! But hopefully they will taste nice.


My potatoes are keeling over, not sure if it’s the heat… Earlies are the worst. But I just hope they hang on.


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