Tomato jungle

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So yesterday evening we when down to the plot for a water. I haven’t been down in a few days but my amazing assistant kept it all healthy and happy!

The tomatoes plants in the greenhouse are huge. Some are near as tall as me, and at 5ft 11. That’s probably a bit too tall. They are all staked in, and have nipped the growing tips as many have 4 or more flower branches. I will have to check I got all the tips at the weekend.
Anyway tomatoes are appearing, so all seems ok.

My first beans have appeared, and look tiny…but my plants haven’t really attached to the poles. Not really sure what happened. I did have alot of black fly, which I sprayed (washing liquid and water) and they have mostly died off, but I will try to keep ontop of the bugs. I noticed they also got onto my potatoes flowers. So I keep straying…

2 lots of potatoes are flowering now. My earlies have blue flowers and my seconds are pink. Which was a surprise….to me at least! Just waiting a bit longer for my main crop. I have been a bit hit and miss with my earthing up, but I will check at the weekend.

My chard and betroot has finally settled and looks happy. Was a bit worried for a while. I think my onions are starting to bolt, but to be honest I’m not really sure what they should be doing. Must check a book. They look happy though… If a little wild life trodden.

I ordered some ground pegs online and they arrived yesterday. So this weekend will bring beautiful organised paths (I hope)!

I also ordered some new spinach seeds as mine is past it’s best… and a few lettuce seed options. Some can hopefully go through autumn and winter.

Roll on sunny weekend!

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