A week off

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I have had this week off work. But the plot is mainly taking care of itself at the moment. But my lovely sister did help me out in keeping my plants going whilst I was away! I did a bit of weeding this Friday with other half; using my lovely new birthday tools!


We planned to go away for a few days…however my other half surprised me with a lovely stay in idyllic Devon. I was surprised to be told ‘oh you wont need a tent!’ and then led down a meandering path, and mini woodland to a secluded field. I saw a rustic hut, and we walked past… and eventually we came into a clearing and a lovely bell tent was all set up. Complete with a super comfy futon and everything eco that you could ever need! Including a compost loo! And shower with a slightly less eco shower strapped to a tree!

It was a wonderful surprise and i feel like the luckiest girl ever!!!


Here is one of my favorite photos. This is my birthday breakfast! We cooked every night on the open fire. Although it did a daily hour of slight panic to get the fire going on sticks, twigs and some old papers! But it was so fun!

I am now plotting to find land to set up our own little off grid camp. I can dream right!

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