Sparkly bugs and butterflies!

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I did alot of weeding and now I hurt! Good to know i am getting my exercise! I feel like I am winning against the weeds at last- a bit at least.

I found this rather pretty beetle! Not sure if he was alive, but I covered him over so he didn’t get eaten.


And I saw a bird trying to catch a butterfly. Was amazing to watch but thankfully the butterfly survived!

My tomatoes are coming on leaps and bounds. I spoke with a fellow plotter who said to remove and sink my plants a little lower when I re plant. About 10-15 cm. So hopefully although they are pretty big now I should be ok.
Think I might have to pop them in the grow bags tonight as I keep putting it off.

My bbeans have nearly all appeared. And looking strong. I still haven’t put pellets out.

My potatoes are nearly all appeared too. Although I think I kept killing one off I’ve thinking it was a weed. Oops! I earthed them over, and when I went back that evening they had already started to creep through. I added some potash; but I’m not really sure what I am doing so I might stop.


My runners that are out are making progress and also being eaten by black flie. I am trying to companion plant to help.

I tried to get another variety of runners going; but I don’t think many of the seeds survived. So I might just have more of the same to go out. I’ll try again.

My salad bed is making progress and I weeded between rows. The spinach is not doing alot, but maybe this week it will surprise me!

Chard, beetroot and spring onions are all in hiding still. But maybe a week if rain last week and sunshine this will help.

I got a gift of a Courgette plant on Sunday. Which I an very pleased with! Mine are still tiny but making progress.

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