Long weekend and sunshine

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My potatoes are showing signs of life.
My 1st set of runner beans are in; just enough for 2 on the front set of canes. At last we have life!


My bbeans are emerging slowly!
My spinach and other salad crops are emerging in the rather ratty looking soil, I gave them a bed of nice compost so hopefully it’ll help.


As planned I got my chard, beetroot and spring onions seeds in.
My courgette seeds are emerging  although I had some non starters.. And my back up beans are progressing. Also my sunflowers are emerging.


Rather annoyingly our flat squirrel found my sunflower seeds and are them all, so I had to start again… But the allotment ones survived! Our squirrel is cute and rather entertaining; so long as she stays on the outside of our flat.

Mrs squirrel eating some of our recycling

And my onions are alive, but I think we might just end up with green stalks rather than anything we can eat! Ooops


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