Onion eating magpies?

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Having seen the bees hunting for flowers; I decided to get some small flowering plants in. I am a bit worried they may be devoured by the lovely slug and snail population on our plot. I will check tonight…

I got my new mini hoe for the onion bed! At 3.99 I wonder how I lived without it! Needless to say I now have a lovely almost weed free bed; which I hope means happy onions!


I got the new bed sown with;
-Lettuces mixed
I got about 2 rows of each in. This is my first proper attempt at growing seeds outdoors, I think I may need to net it. I hope it works!


I feel a bit net crazy at the moment! On Sunday I saw a cheeky magpie attacking my neighbours onions. I’m sure magpies are not onion lovers but who knows!? Anyway I tried my best to scare him off!

I got my second bean bed preped for planting our next weekend… I’m going to try and garden off my beans again… I’m not sure what happened last time. But the 1st set of leaves got frazzled… And nibbled!


the plants have carried on regardless and have another 2 sets, so I think we can try again.

My tomatoes are getting bigger and stronger every day. I have been nipping out the second set of branches… But on some of the weaker/damaged ones I have let them take over, and removed the weaker 1st set.



On Saturday night I planed up my bio pots and planted my Courgettes, and some more beans. I hope I can get them started off then transplant to greenhouse before planting out.

I realise now I am behind schedule. Next year I must be earlier!

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