Greenhouse is water tight…

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On Friday night we went down to the plot and made the experimental door for our greenhouse (as one of our doors was missing). We started all enthusiast, and we made the door! But the cold wind finally got us and we eventually decided to retreat in favour of a pizza!

On Saturday I got the rocket (1st earlies) potatoes in. And dug over the bed for the Charlottes…

On Sunday we dug over the final beds and got the Charlotte (2nd earlies) and sarpo Mira (main crop) in. We also got the door in… It’s a slot in and out job; but it seems to work a treat.

I also attacked the nettle mountain on the edge of our plot, and put down some  weed stop fabric to slow them down. In the summer this will be the sit down / bbq area!

I saw a fellow plotter getting some rays on his sun lounger. So it seems a good idea between weeding!

I chopped out a fair few of the weeds growing up the sides of our plot. With a big spade… And got alot of roots. Hopefully this will help controlling them; as some were near 3ft already.

I retreaved the back bed from the weeds… Or at least started.

Again the onions need a good weed… I am hoping for a nice evening this week to get onto of this. And I read you can add a layer of dry grass cuttings to keep to weeds at bay. But the onions,are doing well!

I planted some pots with natrisum jewel and tall. I’m trying some inside and some outside.

And lastly I planted some sunflower seeds.

All my greenhouse plants are doing surprisingly well. And my marigolds are looking really strong… Compared with last years weedy attempt.

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